About Us

riverbendsignRiver Bend Landscaping provides landscaping services primarily in the Hood and Somervell County areas.

The full-service landscaping business specializes in mowing, creation of landscape features, and many other landscaping services.

General manager of River Bend Landscaping is Billy Martin, who can best be reached by cell phone at (254) 313-7803.

River Bend currently provides landscaping services for numerous commercial and residential customers in Central Texas and is geared to expand on this, so now is a good time to inquire about free bids on jobs large or small.

Because of the number of jobs currently being done, there are occasionally times when everyone is out in the field, so the general manager urges that in these cases, please leave a message, send a text via cell phone, or call back a little later.

“We are often out looking at property, doing measurements, and preparing bids, not to mention actually doing the work, but we want to talk to you, so please call our cell number if possible so that we can discuss your next project,” said Billy Martin.